Thursday, November 26, 2009

Picked up something new!

Lol I discovered another interest…. Wire work! Well more like the basics of wire work, but it’s fun all the same! It started with this earring making kit that was on sale @ the Reject shop for $1, and I remembered this tutorial for making stitch markers using a earring making kit. And there were some pretty little beads too.

Temptation. But, I had no tools, and who knows how much one set would cost? So off I went to hunt for jewellery making tools, and found a set at lincraft for about $15 iirc. JOY!

Went back to the reject shop,  grabbed the stuff, scouted around online for stitch marker making tutes, and came up with these:


my very first stitch markers

My very first stitch markers! The little things are addictive! So I made more….

happiness 018

Yes, I know they’re simple, but I’m new to this stuff.. And simple is good =) I like the bunch of blue beads, they’re really alot prettier in real life. And I tested them all. The little rings fit up to a 5mm (or maybe a 5.5mm, I forgot) needle. They’re perfect on 4mms, which is what I use the most anyway.


So in the post-discovery-of-yay-i-did-it-now-what-else-can-I-make excitement, I trawled the net for more tutes on jewellery making techniques, which led to these:  


and these:

 happiness 014

Yes, I know some of them are kinda wonky, but we learn through our failures yea.. lol And my tree of life pendant is an autumn tree – which is why it’s so naked. Planning to turn most of them into stitch markers oh yay.


And I really like the butterflies in the previous picture. There’s a free tute for them and the angels. I improvised on the angels though, cos I didn’t have wingy looking beads, and refuse to fiddle with little bits of ribbon (which i also do not possess), so in a spurt of inspiration, I coiled wires up for the wings.

The bf was made to admire each new piece I whipped up, and he asked for a butterfly to stick onto his laptop, so he got THIS:

happiness 010 

It is a happy butterfly, and he is very pleased with it. =)

  happiness 021

And here they are, resting in their little silicon cupcake baking cup when I’m not picking them out to smile at. =)