Monday, June 25, 2007

Pattern for cupcake scarf!

each cupcake is about 5" tall,
and i used 5mm needles, patons powderpuff and dk acrylic.
you can use whatever you like! :)

Here goes!
i used the brioche rib for the brown part, which goes like this:
setup row: sl1p, yo, (k1, sl1p, yo) to last st, k1
r1: sl1p, (yo, k2tog, sl1p) to last 2 sts, yo, k2tog
repeat r1 to desired length.

First cupcake:Cast on 12 sts with brown yarn.
r1: work setup row of brioche rib. (18 sts)
r2-20: work in brioche rib. (18 sts)

switch to frosting yarn,
r21: k acc (18 sts)
r22 & 23: slp kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1
r24 -27: sl1p, k acc. (22 sts)
r28 - 35: sl1p, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. (14 sts at end of r35)
r36: sl1p, k2tog, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 (12 sts)
i find that k2tog at the end of the row gives a more convex, rather than straight line, so the cupcake looks rounder

2nd cupcake:switch to brown yarn.
r1: k2tog acc (6 sts)
r2: inc acc (12 sts)
the dec and inc helps to shape the top of the frosting and the bottom of the cake
r3: work setup row of brioche rib
r4-20: work in brioche rib.

switch to frosting yarn and work as for first cupcake.
repeat 2nd cupcake til half of desired length, then place rem sts on holder, then make another string of cupcakes(i made nine cupcakes on each side).

at end of 2nd string of cupcakes:
work another r1-19 of ribbing
r20: (k1, k2tog) acc (12 sts)graft 1st and 2nd string of cupcakes tog, and you're done!

embellish with beads / scraps of felt / puffy paint etc etc if u like, wear and enjoy!

corrections added on the instructions for brioche rib and r36, thanks Gia! =)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

and 2 tops

so here is my patternless randomly striped raglan cropped pullover:

and here it is lying flat on the bed.. the ends haven't been woven in yet.. *lazy
funny pose.. hehe like how ancient maids greet ancient emperors in China..

and a knot ugly shrug from HH again! hehe the guage was slightly off, and the sleeves are kinda long, but i like it anyway!

and if u've been reading this blog and wondering why there are suddenly so many FOs which are totally impractical in Sg weather, u're smart!

well actually, i'll be gg over to Melbourne to further my studies, and it's winter there now, so i'm preparing for fight against the cold. hehe plus, it's a chance to knit up some cold wear and actually be able to use it. :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

hats aplenty

newsboy cap from SnB: double stranded in purple acrylic.. it's nice and poofy (like a beret) at the back - si u can stuff my hair in if i have a bad hair day :)
overexposed shot from the flash.. hehe cook effect though.

and here are 3 beanies modelled by 3 cute stuffies: odessa on the knotts berry bear, shedir on little grey bear, and a basic st st beanie on the happy kiwi.
and the same 3 beanies lying flat..
and a calorimetry which is like a headband thingy. it was another very fast knit.. seemed much faster that the panta, though they're about the same size. i wonder why... :)

scarves galore!


from left to right: one skein scarf, cupcake scarf, garden scarf
here's the one skein scarf, pattern's from happy hooker. fast piece, but i only just realised the ends havent been woven in though i finished it AGES ago..
next up: garden scarf, also from happy hooker, using panda baby lustre. it has a nice shiny thread running through it.
and my wonderful cupcake scarf! my own pattern, and it's really soft and snuggly!
close up of a cupcake
and the 3 bow knot scarves i made for my mum, grandma and aunty. but they havent been given out yet. hehe i'll prob be stealing one to bring to aussie!

What is this?

so.. what's this?

it used to be this:
now it's this:
Clapotis! the ever popular pattern from knitty. i made slightly less wide than in the pattern, as i was afraid that there would not be enough yarn. i was wrong though.. there was a fair bit of yarn remaining, i think it's enough to make another one of this size.. tempting thought! :)
and pls excuse my shiny chin! this is a very classic, but versatile piece. it can be used as a shawl, scarf, and head wrap! and it's really drapey and warm.. the designer is a genius!

Bold Lace Cardigan

i finished this quite some time ago, and only got down to taking photos today.

pattern's from Fabulous and Flirty Crochet. i used a bulky 100% wool (iirc).
pattern was quite easy and fast, though i didnt note the exact start and finish dates. :)

here it is on the floor: and on me:
i think it's a lot prettier in real life, and the pics look not so nice cos the tank inside is kinda short, and i was to lazy to change out. but it is soft and comfy!
and the back:

and me looking happy and satisfied! i LOVE the shawl collar.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coco clutch

Pattern is from Magknits, with no modifications except to the yarn and needle size. This bag was knitted for Steph, my classmate - she chose the pattern, yarn, lining and button and i did all e knitting and sewing (ahh i do hate sewing!) :)

I finished the knitting and making up of the clutch quite some time ago, but it took me many many months to summon up the energy and determination to sit down and get the sewing of the lining done, which only happened cos Steph came over to my house to knit! and stared at me with her evil eye... i had no choice!

i have many more bags and pouches waiting to be lined! any volunteers?
here's a pic of the lining, one part's not very even, but it's hidden in this pic i think.

and a closeup of the cables and button. the button's actually alot darker though.